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Jenette Kahn
President and Editor and Chief
DC Comics / Time Warner

"Todd Siler, Think Like A Genius co-Founder, is a remarkable person, an artist and a scientist who imagines a humane and moral future that draws its strength from a fusion of the two disciplines in which he is immersed. This future, however, will not happen on its own. It must be created. Todd gives all of us the tools to be creators, not just in our own lives but a vision worth striving for."

Think Like A Genius is an easy-to-learn 5-Dimensional process that enables each child to express his or her genius. It helps children give form to their thoughts and feelings, generate and express ideas more effectively, enrich and improve communication, and understand things better.

  • Artists and architects use it when they create their designs.
  • Coaches use it when they draw out plays.
  • Scientists use it when they communicate their discoveries.
  • Inventors use it when they create new inventions.

The 5-D Process

The 5-D process opens a child's mind and allows expression beyond what words alone are able to communicate. By using a combination of words, images, three-dimensional objects, movement and symbolism children are better able to understand, express themselves and be understood.

The History

The Think Like A Genius program was created by Todd Siler, Ph.D. and has trained 200 teachers and reached over 20,000 students. The program has also been implemented with business leaders and government officials around the world.

The Result

The Think Like A Genius 5-D process has been developed into the Think Like A Genius version 2.0 software program that allows children to create both fun and educational projects that promote creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and self-expression, all of which help children build confidence, develop their minds and realize their potential.

More Information

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